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 Hi, I'm Carolyn and I'm a former art teacher and adjunct art professor and I have taught MANY different mediums such as painting, watercolor, graphic design and ceramics. But by far, my favorite is ceramics. Graphic Design is my second love.
In addition to several different medias studied in college and grad school, I took a course in ceramics and I was immediately hooked!

My design inspiration comes from many travels throughout the world (US, Europe, Mexico) and I loved experiencing different cultures and colorful works of art too. I admired the colorful pottery and ceramics that I saw in Italy, Greece and Mexico. 


Color plays such an important role in our everyday lives. Color fuels emotions and behaviors; colors can make us feel happy or sad… they can make us feel hungry or relaxed. Contrasting colors are especially important in that it makes objects "pop" or create a focal point. For example, if your kitchen is a neutral color, having bright colored objects (such as orange or red) along the countertop breathes more life into a room, and creates a focal point and conversation piece, too! Contrast simply helps us distinguish objects from each other.

When I apply bright colors into my work, the patterns and contrasting colors really make each ceramic piece unique, so that's exactly what I wanted to do with my ceramic pottery as well. I'm fascinated with patterns in nature as well as the abstract. Patterns are a form of repetition and create symmetry, consistency and peace within ourselves...it creates and sense of balance and proportion. :)

Butterfly Kilns is a name we came up with on a whim, as my little one adores butterflies. She is a bundle of energy, so my pottery hopefully will bring that joy and energy to your life, too!

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